KVM based Virtual Private Servers

VPS is a cost effective solution and easy to use solution, for users need a dedicated server. Ideal for web servers, testing environments or other hosting solutions.
Delivered and deployed in just a few minutes, with a poweful control panel, and of course no need to worry about the hardware.
VPS are based on Linux KVM platform using modern hardware.

Ready in minutes
You can deploy your VPS in minutes, and start working without delays!
Cloud platform
With the cloud package, you can allocate your resources, and build your on servers depending on your needs. You can even create your own customers inside the platform. Ideal for resellers, since it can come in white label.
Management Panel
VPS can be managed by a powerfull management interface. Plenty of tasks can be performed such as:

  • Start, Stop VPS
  • Redeploy OS
  • Direct VPS console access
  • Rescue mode

99.95 % Uptime
VPS are running on latest generation servers, equipped with DDR4 ECC RAM and enterprise class storage disks. Located in TIER-3 datacenters in Bratislava and Paris, with multiple upstream network providers.
OS Selection

Available operating systems for deployment:

  • Slackware Linux
  • Oracle Linux
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Debian
  • openSuse

Managed Services
Even you are not an expert on managing your server, SlaveData is here to assist you. We can assign us the management of the OS, and we will take care about all of the updates and security fixes you may need.


Cloud Platform
from € 49,00monthly

vCPU: 4 to 16

RAM: 8 to 64 GB

Disk: 100 to 500 GB

IPv4: 4 to 8

Unlimited Traffic


All prices exclude 19% VAT.