Improve your web communication today!

Use our e-mail marketing platform to create your own email campaigns, and send them through our distributed mailing platform.

Our service is based on the Acymailing platform, and uses a grid of email servers to distribute your campaign across the globe.

Pricing model is quite simple, since its based on the number of emails sent per month.

Manage your mailing lists efficiently
Import and export easily as many contacts and groups as you want and create different mailing lists.
Filter your users when you send a newsletter, depending on their group, their subscription date, their profile … etc.
Keep your lists clean with our bounce back handling system. All failed e-mails are automatically deleted and people who put your newsletters in their spam box are also deleted.
Improve your delivery rate
Easily test your Newsletters with an integrated Spam test.
All messages are signed with DKIM.
SlaveData is taking care about the technical part of your sending procedure. Once your email is not a SPAM, we can ensure the highest delivery rate of your emails, through our “Good Reputated” email sending grid.
Automate your communication
Make sure your customers receive the right message at the right time…
Set up a series of automatic follow-up messages!
Schedule your newsletters so you can plan everything and do something else.
Create beautiful campaigns
Default responsive newsletter templates are included. You can modify them as you want to fit your own visual identity.
Edit your newsletter quickly and easily.
Share your Newsletter on Facebook / Twitter / Google +.
Track your results
Who opened your Newsletter, when?
Who clicked on what link from what Newsletter?
Don’t only get powerful statistics but use this information for your next campaign.
Need to know that...

  • SlaveData DOES NOT provide any mailing list to you.
  • SlaveData is NOT TOLERANT with SPAM
  • SlaveData DOES NOT collect e-mail adresses

Professional Support
e-mail Marketing platform, is delivered ready to use as a non-shared environment. Contact us if you need further support on building your campaigns, or if you need special customization. Standard support is always available via our ticketing system.
Additional Options
DMZ platform, can be used also with your existing e-mail marketing utility, by using only the email sender grid.
Additionally, we can provide you named dedicated sender hosts (e-mails are sent to your customers via private servers).
For higher than already defined usage, we can propose you a solution and give you a quote.
In any of the above cases, please contact us.


E-mail validation and confirmation (double opt-in)Yes
Import Users from any sourceYes
Export users in CSVYes
Subscription via URLYes
Create additional fieldsYes
Create Mailing ListsUnlimited
User Notification : Unsubscribe ConfirmationYes
User Notification : Welcome MessageYes
Admin Notification : New Subscriber / UnsubscriptionYes
Mass Subscription using filtersYes
Distribution listYes
Creeate NewslettersUnlimited
Include personal information in any NewslettersYes
Newsletter-template managementYes
Schedule your NewsletterYes
Embed imagesYes
Attachment capabilityYes
View it online" capabilityYes
Forward CapabilityYes
A/B/C Split TestingYes
Follow-up Autoresponder CampaignsYes
Insert any personal CB Field in your e-mailYes
Integration with VirtueMartYes
Send a Newsletter to one or several listsYes
Automatic send processYes
Spam testYes
Bounce Back HandlingYes
How many users opened your mailingYes
Chart statistics : follow the subscriptions of your mailing listsYes
Click TrackingYes
Advanced Click TrackingYes
Charts statistics of each mailingYes
How many users unsubscribed or forwarded this mailingYes
How many e-mails bounced per mailingYes


€ 7.00monthly
  • 5000 email per month
  • Rate: 10 emails per minute
  • 2 months free on annual payment!
€ 10.00monthly
  • 10000 email per month
  • Rate: 10 emails per minute
  • 2 months free on annual payment!
€ 20.00monthly
  • 25000 email per month
  • Rate: 50 email per minute
  • 2 months free on annual payment!
€ 30.00monthly
  • 50000 email per month
  • Rate: 100 emails per minute
  • 2 months free on annual payment!
€ 50.00monthly
  • 100000 email per month
  • Rate: 200 email per minute
  • 2 months free on annual payment!
€ 80.00monthly
  • 200000 email per month
  • Rate: 200 emails per minute
  • 2 months free on annual payment!

All prices exclude 19% VAT.